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Kim Betton is the founder and editorial director of The award winning television anchor/reporter and producer has worked in markets across the U.S.. including NBC4 & USA Sky Radio in Washington, DC, WBKW-TV Buffalo, New York, FOX 13 News Memphis and KARK4 / FOX 16 News in Little Rock,. Kim has a true love for good music! She is also a jazz and off-Broadway musical vocalist. Her love for music and the arts inspired her to launch this magazine. If you have a story idea email her at Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy!

A SMOOTH TALK WITH HUBERT LAWS’s Enid Francis sat down with world renowned flutist Hubert Laws in New York City in August where he was one of the featured artists attending the National Flute Association Convention. Though his latest project is flute adaptations of Rachmaninov & Barber, the jazz giant tells us about his love affair with improvisation.

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