Tuesday, July 16

Erykah Badu Weathers the Storm and Rocks GSU Homecoming 2015!

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She’s been called the “Daughter of Grambling” and despite a canceled flight from Dallas due to heavy rains and flooding from Hurricane Patricia in Mexico, Erykah Badu was determined not to let her alma mater down.  The soulful “sistah” showed up to GSU’s T.H. Harris Auditorium at 1:00 am Saturday morning to kick off Homecoming 2015 with a POWERFUL performance!

Due to the travel delays – the show started hours late and ended into the wee hours of the morning  –  with no complaints from understanding faithful fans and former classmates.

The event included soulful local opening acts; and guest R & B recording artist Avery Wilson who hit the stage bellowing the sexy 50 Shades of Grey hit “Earned It.” 

Then around 1:00 am Badu’s bold and beautiful voice and her natural organic vibes filled the auditorium.  She was back on “the yard” – where it all began.

“Hello GSU!” Badu chanted to the crowds.  “I hadn’t performed here since 1999.  It’s good to be back,” she said. 

Badu reminded the crowds that she’s a proud graduate of Grambling State University attending the Historically Black University from 1989-1992 majoring in theatre.

Fans old school to new school were in the crowd enjoying the musical ride.

This show ROCKED!
It was real and raw.  Full of love for Grambling State and full of life and inspiration.  

I enjoyed the show as well.   I too am a proud graduate of Grambling State University!   It is so inspiring to see the vocalist who had a vision on campus during her college years .. bring that vision to life – becoming one of this world’s best neo-soul and R&B recording artists.  

Badu rocked a wide range of her hits – from favorites Tyrone, Bag Lady, to On&On, Next Lifetime and many more that caused crowds to fall crazy in love with the live performance.

During her show Badu helped out fans to post on social media taking selfies from the stage..using their own cell phones.  She also gave shout outs to other students who helped her along the way such as  Gramblinite and Las Vegas entertainment promoter Lou Collins ( better known as “Sweet Lou”).

Badu breathed life into the power of positive energy and self-love asking everyone in the crowd to take a moment and yell out their own name as a source of fulfillment.

She ended the show introducing her sister as her backup singer – and bringing her sister’s son and daughter on the stage who also attend GSU.

I have seen Badu perform before during concerts and she ROCKS it! But this show was endearing during GSU’s Homecoming – simply because Erykah was at HOME.  

Erykah’s got a full plate.   In addition to performances and in the studio, you can catch the soul singer on the upcoming Soul Train Music Awards where she will serve as host.  (Check
your local listings for scheduling).

Erykah Badu is an inspiration.  She’s the real deal. Her dedication to Grambling is heartfelt.  Her commitment to making moving music is gratifying!  Thank you Erykah for your continued support for Grambling State University!  Thank you for your words of encouragement to SUCCEED and never let anything or anyone to stop our students from following their dreams. Your gift is a pleasant reminder – as the saying goes from  the yard at GSU – “Everybody is Somebody!”

Cover Photo Credit : Soul Train Music Awards Press Release


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