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After more than two years in the making jazz pianist Chris Geith releases Island Of A Thousand Dreams.. The recording, on Geith’s Timeless World Productions label touches on mellow melodies and taps into a jazzy cool funk.   Two words come to mind for the recording: Enjoyable and Relaxing. 

All fifteen tracks seem to tell a well defined story that weaves a tapestry of emotion bringing  you right to the edge that returns you to forever. 

“Well thought out” would be another way to describe this fine colleciton of work. Inspired by jazz heavy weights Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and many others, there is no mistake that Geith,  through his dedication, patience, and perseverance, keeps his eye always on the prize.

The calm cool and collected Geith spent a few moments talking with’s (SJT)  Patricklee Hamilton about his latest recording, the power of social networking, and what it takes to be  focused and successful in the music industry.


SJT: Hi Chris. Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us today. So how’s the new CD  doing?  

CG: Very well.  Island Of A Thousand Dreams first took a long time to write and produce -almost two and a half years.  It was the number one top selling CD, smooth jazz CD on CD baby for ten weeks in a row and it’s still doing very well.  I’ve been promoting it quite a bit online and I’ve got a couple of shows coming up – one in New Jersey in November at the Trumpets Jazz club, which is a very nice jazz club in Montclair. 

SJT:  Can you tell us where you are originally from?

CG:  Sure. I’m originally from Italy. 

SJT:  Did you get involved in music as a child?

CG: I grew up surrounded by music. My father used to play piano. He was a big jazz fan so he got me into jazz when I was a kid.  I’ve been playing piano since I was six years old.   Chris Geith

SJT:  That sounds great! What about other show performances underway right now?

CG:  I’m hoping to hook up some shows some time next year at Jazz Alley in Seattle. So little by little as I have been managing myself 100%  you can probably understand the amount of work for one person to do this all.  (Chris – laughter)

SJT: Are there any musicians who have inspired you?

CG: Oh yes definitely.  I would say probably my most favorite artists are: Pat Metheny, who I have been following for a long time.  Dave Grusin and Joe Sample are other influences to my music.  Ofcourse there are many others too. 

SJT:  As you may know, the latest social networking Websites such as My Space, Facebook. and Twitter, all seem to be taking the world by storm, especially through music platforms.  Can you give us a little bit of insight on your perspective about how social networking forums have helped you with your latest project, career?  

CG: Well, first of all, I’d like to say that social networking is the most effective way to promote yourself for sure these days. So, I’ve actually invested most of my time promoting myself that way because I realize that almost everybody is on social networking these days.  For example, not having a Facebook account is perhaps like not having a cell phone. So, you can make your promotions very targeted that way and reach exactly the kind of people that listen to your kind of music.

SJT:  Can you give us a perspective on just how big your following is right now?

CG: Well, it’s pretty substantial and getting bigger every day. It’s really unbelievable. That’s really the power of social networking. To better give an idea- at this time my first My Space site has more than 66,000 friends and my second one has over 35,000.  

So technically I have more than 100,000 friends on My Space.  And I created an events page on Facebook.  The social networking is definitely a tremendous tool to get people to come see your shows.  I am going to use that in the best way I can  to continue to draw people to my music and performances.    My Twitter account is linked up to my Facebook and My Space accounts.  So what happens is every time I post something on Facebook it automatically alerts the My Space and Twitter accounts all at the same time which is really a cool thing.

SJT: Chris thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your latest CD Island Of A Thousand Dreams and offer some great advice on marketing and promotions in the music industry. 

CG: Thank you, you are welcome!

 Island Of A Thousand Dreams

Track Listing:

1. Watch Your Step
2. Easy Does It
3. Once In A Lifetime
4. Coastal Daydreaming
5. The Mirror Of Happiness
6. Diamonds In The Sky
7. Only The Heart Knows
8. Flying West
9. Above The Clouds
10. Island Of A Thousand Dreams
11. When Morning Comes
12. Tomorrow’s Promise
13. Blue Horizons
14. Eternal Spring
15. Yesterday’s Goodbye









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