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Mary Talbot Fee Sways With Smooth Jazz in English, French, Italian, Brazilian, and Portuguese

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Mary Talbot Fee touted as a chanteuse jazz vocalist, offers elegance and relaxing sounds on her latest CD “Midwinter Night’s Dream.” Mary is bellowing her smooth vocals in a team of varied languages; English, French, Italian, Brazilian, and Portuguese. The recording is powerful and touches the heart. “I want fans to listen to the songs, enjoy them, relax and let their minds and go with the imagery,” Fee said.  The singer chose to diversify her vocals in the spirit of love, reflection and the calming of winter. “I think the message is that winter is a time to sit back and examine your life, and to get ready for a renewal,” she said. “I like singing and speaking in different languages. I like the feeling of expressing myself in other languages. It gives a different tone and a different slant of how the song comes across.”

The music in the recording is so eloquently composed by Rob and Amber Whitlock owners of Sketchin Records- the label for the CD. Featured on the project are Trey Henry, Cliff Almond, Luis Conte, Charlie Bisharat, Pat Kelley and Rekevics — Amber Whitlock, Kleber Jorge, Danielle Spadaveccham Lenard Tucker and Andy Villas Boas with vocals.

Sweet flutes, soft strings, and jazzy clarinets, dynamic keyboards and bold basses are apart of a profound line up of instruments that accompany Fee’s crystal clear voice. When you pop it in your CD player – you’ll be overjoyed with the sensation of good music.

Coming up with the unique title “Midwinter Night’s Dream” was fulfilling for Fee and the music composers. “We were talking about choosing songs and we got on the subject of winter,” said Fee. “My voice coach grew up in South Dakota and she and I both had a similar fantasy about what it was like as a kid playing in the snow. It turned out that they had written a song years ago that they had never recorded. So we decided to record the sounds for this CD.”

Fee says when winter and Christmas come around, it was kind of sad sometimes because there is no winter snow in her native California. The former figure skater in Massachusetts, really appreciates winter. It’s like a passion for peace and a calm for love and the moments can be everlasting. And that’s exactly what you get in the CD. “I appreciated the winter. So we decided to start choosing songs with a winter theme,” replied Fee.

There are 17 cuts on the recording, one in particular – “Angela,” which is dedicated to Fee’s mother, who passed away with Alzheimer’s disease. “My mother died right after I recorded the last song. I was able to play it for her. It was kind of a poignant time for the both of us. She was also a singer. We had some really sweet moments before she died.”

The artist is also a former music and theater teacher. She joins countless musicians who are spreading the message about the importance of music education and keeping art and music programs in schools. “Music education is extremely important. “When I was a former educator I would always teach music, theater and dance. Kids are happier around music, ” said Fee. There is proof when their scores go up as they are exposed to music. Their math appreciation is better,” she added. “It just goes across the board that music helps the child.”

Mary Talbot Fee hopes that the young and young at heart will be touched by this wonderful collection of smooth jazz tunes. “This recording reflects my diverse interest in music,” she said. “Being exposed to musical comedy and choral tunes through my mother and my own singing in church from when I was six years old, had a tremendous impact in creating this CD.”

Tracking List

“Midwinter Night’s Dream”

If I Had You
Anema E Core
Winter Snow Ballet
Intro; Norwegian Wood
Moment To Moment
On An Evening In Roma
In The Bleak Midwinter
Knocks Me Off My Feet
Inverno Di Gielo
Midwinter Night’s Dream
Intro; I Will Wait For You
Bird Of Beauty


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