Sunday, October 2


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The Yellow Jackets, no doubt is among the best in making good music. And one of the reasons for their tremendous success, is none other than legendary bassist Jimmy Haslip.

Jimmy releases his latest musical masterpiece NIGHTFALL. Collaborating with the very talented Joe Vannelli, the artist hits another one straight out of the park.    

The NIGHTFALL project is a treasured keepsake for your jazz collection. 

Having written all compositions, Jimmy was enthusiastic on how the project had gone from conception to maturity. When asked about working with Joe, he stated, “working with Joe was absolutely a blast having known him since 1978.”

NIGHTFALL delivers plenty of sunlight to warm the soul of any contemporary, modern jazz, or Latin jazz enthusiast. Even though Jimmy would be well versed in many styles of music- Rock R&B, Blues, and Jazz, it is understandable how he has somewhat made Latin music a cornerstone of many original compositions he composes today.

The first track from NIGHTFALL “Empath,” opens with a powerful melody played by Haslip and combines some shakers and solid sounds that would possess anyone to move to its pulsating beats.

NIGHFALL itself has the fingerprint of true romance. So, be-it sitting on the sofa relaxing,  sipping tea,  or cruising along the highway with the top dropped, this fine collection of works is without a doubt a winner.

Rich with all vital ingredients, this CD has made a statement and rightfully so.  If you haven’t already run out and grabbed it off the shelf, it would be a wise decision to add this to your list of fine arts.The CD touches on all aspects of composition, style and performance. Jimmy Haslip, whom we’ll call the musical chef,  has seasoned this one just right! Bon appetite!  




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